Bespoke conservatories can come in any size or shape

There are millions of UK home owners, whose size of property is primarily determined by its location and cost. However, the one thing that those living in a small or larger property share in common is the fact that over the years, there is a good chance that they will start to run out of available living space. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to move elsewhere for financial reasons, so many UK property owners now look to extend their home, and a conservatory or orangery is just the job.

Moving up or down costs a bundle in land registry fees, legal expenses, removals, estate agents costs (all of which attract 20% VAT) and if the sale price is over the tax threshold – in dreaded stamp duty. When one actually sits down and works it out on paper, the figures frightening run into tens of thousands of pounds. Adding a conservatory or orangery in a shape and size to suit your existing property is usually far less expensive than moving or building a full blown extension, and of course, nicer looking, plus you may not need planning permission and/or Building Regulatory Approval, both of which are required if you are erecting an extension. The fees and time consuming red tape associated with both these legal requirements, make a hassle free conservatory purchase an attractive alternative for adding high quality additional living space onto your property.

Many of us associate conservatories with overly large “Victorian” structures from yesteryear, but this is now hardly ever the case as they come in thousands of varying sizes. Generally speaking, Edwardian conservatories are on the larger size, while Lean to conservatories suit the smaller home or bungalow. Although they vary in size, you will still find that will bring an enormous amount of new-found floor space. This space can be utilised in whatever way best suits your lifestyle. If you have a computer console then you could turn a conservatory into a dedicated games room. For those who like to invite friends and family round for dinner regularly, why not transform it into a second dining room. You can use it as your own personal gym, especially if you want to save on the cost of annual membership fees, there is no better place to bench press your way to fitness!

The looks that a conservatory provides will make your property stand-out above all others in your neighbourhood. This will make it that little bit easier when you want to catch the eye of prospective buyers if you ever come to sell your home.

Bespoke Conservatories Can Come in Any Shape, Size or Colour Finish
Bespoke Conservatories Can Come in Any Shape, Size or Colour Finish
The money you invest into a conservatory will add value to your home. There really is no better form of home improvement.

Other traditional style include “P” shaped conservatories, as illustrated or Gable End conservatories, or Victorian faceted conservatories. The distinction between what is a conservatory design and what constitutes an orangery is open to interpretation. Usually however, conservatories tend to have more glass, whilst orangeries are more likely to be built on brick pillars intertwined with traditional casement windows and doors forming the “walls”. An orangery roof is very similar to a conservatory, but often has a pelmet below it running around the edges, into which property owners usually fit recessed lighting for a very classy effect.

With more than 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke conservatories, Hazlemere have the knowledge and expertise to handle the designing, surveying, planning, supplying and fitting of UPVC conservatories and Aluminium conservatories, along with a host of other, bespoke home improvements like porches, roof lantern light and orangeries.


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