“Green improvements will future proof homes”

UK home owners are being continually warned by the media that energy bills could rise by almost £200 per household in the next twelve months. Many organisations including thinkinsulation.com is urging people to take advantage of the Government funded financial incentives currently available, such as the Warm Front Scheme, Green Deal and Energy Efficiency grants, to help them make ‘green’ improvements to future-proof their properties.

In a web based article on femalefirst.co.uk published on 9th June 2011 entitled “Green Improvements Will Future Proof Homes” it explains that the energy saving website thinkinsulation.com “hopes that making ‘green’ improvements to households now will not only help home owners avoid increased fuel bills due to the energy price hikes, but also avoid a possible clamp down on inefficient homes in the future, as a result of the increased accountability that will be created as a result of the Government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions to 50% of 1990 levels.”

The article goes on to state that “The UK’s housing stock is responsible for a quarter of the nation’s total carbon emissions. As one of the biggest sources of carbon pollution our homes will need significant energy efficiency improvements if this ambitious target is to be achieved.”

“Although green home improvements may seem daunting and cost-prohibitive, homeowners need only take small steps to dramatically improve the energy efficiency rating of their property and secure huge savings on their energy bills.These include a range of simple solutions from switching to energy saving light bulbs, installing loft insulation or fitting double glazing.”

To maximise return on your green investment thinkinsulation.com recommends taking the following simple measures.

1. Insulate your loft: About 25% of heat in an un-insulated house escapes through the roof. Loft insulation is cheap to buy and easy to install and the job can be completed yourself in a day. It has financial benefits too because insulating your loft can save you around £145 a year on your energy bills. Opt for loft insulation with strong eco credentials and great thermal performance.

2. Insulate your walls: Cavity wall insulation – If your house was built after the 1920s it is likely to have cavity walls. If these aren’t insulated, you can arrange for a professional to complete the work in a day. Cavity wall insulation pays for itself in around two years, and it will typically save around 15 per cent – or £118 a year – on your home’s fuel bills.

A specialist should always be sought to complete this type of work – ensure that you choose an installer that is Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) qualified. Don’t forget to ask for home assessment to assess suitability of your property before any work begins.

Solid wall insulation – Older houses built before 1920 often have solid walls and are more expensive to insulate, but also cost more to heat. Around seven million solid wall properties in the UK are un-insulated but with potential fuel bill savings solid wall insulation is definitely worth considering.

If your external walls need work anyway, then it could be an ideal time to have external wall insulation fitted. Alternatively, if your home is soon to be undergoing interior refurbishment then internal wall insulation may be more suitable.

3. Fit double glazing: Old single glazed windows can often be a major source of heat loss. Double glazed windows will not only keep the heat in but they will reduce noise, improving your level of comfort. Make sure the windows you choose carry a BFRC label which indicates a good energy efficiency rating.

4. Draught proof gaps: If you have poorly sealed windows and doors you may be losing a significant amount of heat through the gaps. Draught proofing is a simple and inexpensive DIY measure and by keeping warm air indoors you’ll need less energy to heat your home and can save money on your fuel bills.


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