Extend wisely to beat the changing British climate

What has happened to British summers? The last decade has seen an erosion of the traditional warm summers in the UK, and over the last month or so the levels and intensity of precipitation have been more akin to a dreadful April than the school summer holidays.

Consequently, hundreds of thousands of British families have been restricted to spending large amounts of time indoors, which is a real shame, particularly when you consider that August is meant to be the peak of the summer holidays.

Instead of rueing the awful weather, one could use it as an opportunity to install a home glass extension as it will give you the chance to get close your garden whatever the weather. It will also give you spacious and bright surroundings (even on duller days!) where you can entertain yourself and shelter away from the rain.

A UPVC or Aluminium Conservatory or Orangery is a Great Way of Extending Your Garden
A UPVC or Aluminium Conservatory or Orangery is a Wise Way to Extend Your Garden

There are two major types of glass extension to choose from when it comes to having a structure added to your home, the conservatory and an orangery. Those without an unlimited budget should really opt for a conservatory with Low E Argon filled double glazing installed as double glazed conservatories offer a brand new form of home living at a fraction of what it costs to move to a larger property elsewhere.

Orangeries involve more building work, and are a cross between a full blown extension and a conservatory, so cost more to build than a conservatory, but less to construct than a brick built extension with a pitched or flat roof. Planning and Building Regulations wise, both orangeries and conservatories are more often than not quicker to obtain permission for, faster and less expensive to build and involve much less red tape. As long as more than 70% of the roof is made of a translucent material (i.e. double glazing or polycarbonate) and more than 50% of the walls are fully glazed windows and/or doors, then Building Regulations are not normally required if the structure is under 30 square metres.

There are many different types of aluminium or UPVC conservatory and orangery available and your choice may be dependent on the size of your home and its current aesthetics and you don’t want the extension to detract from the look of the rest of the property or from your neighbourhood.

The easiest way to find the perfect design for your home is to visit a home improvement showroom belonging to an established local double glazing installer with a good reputation. Most of these will have a selection of designs, options and finishes on full display so that you can get face-to-face with each offering and get a real feel for them.

Once you have a conservatory or orangery installed you will never have reason to complain about the weather again as you will hopefully be too busy enjoying yourself inside it.


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