Double glazing will not pay for itself within a year

I do despair at unscrupulous sales tactics still used today by some double glazing sales persons. Lying and deceiving just to get an order is a very sad indictment of not just the person who does this, but also their company, and reflects badly on those within the double glazing industry who are highly professional and offer a genuine service.

Having come from outside the industry, it still staggers me that that some salesmen today think the hard sell is still the way to go. The number of comments we get from wary customers who have had bad experiences with representatives from National double glazing companies is well over a hundreds since I joined Hazlemere Windows in 2008. Any double glazing company teaching or allowing deceitful practices is truly not only doing themselves and the rep no favours, but it is extremely unhelpful for customers.

It is frightening the number of stories customers have told me and other members of staff about how a double glazing representative has “refused” to leave their home. The stories of false discounts are even more common, along with all the many many so called inducements offered that are only available if they only sign up there and then. What a load of tosh, as there is a strong possibility the reps sales manager will be on the phone later than evening or in the next few days to offer a greater discount if they agree to sign immediately etc.

If a sales rep tells any householder that replacement double glazed windows will pay for themselves within a year it is obviously a blatant lie. Yes, they will reduce heating bills, but do take many many years of savings on energy costs before delivering any actual sizeable return on the investment, as low maintenance high quality energy rated double glazing products deliver more than just save money on energy, as offer savings on external decoration and added security.

I am proud to work for a company who is more than happy to provide a written quotation and leave it with the customer to consider in their own good time. Hazlemere Window Company Ltd have a “No Pressure Promise” which they expect and demand all their experienced sales consultants to strictly adhere to, and deplore all hard selling sales tactics. Ironically, one of the reasons why we have been so successful over the last 26 years is that so many customers prefer our low key approach to that of other companies, who employ commission only sales reps who quite often don’t get paid unless they sell “on the night”, so in my view any double glazing company using short sighted hard sell tactics are just shooting themselves in the foot by having a commission structure that seems to encourage the very sort of behaviour abhorrent to most home owners, who contacted them in good faith simply to get a no obligation quotation, not get the third degree!


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