Why Ration Energy Use When You Have Aluminium Windows?

Winter has well and truly arrived. Temperatures have reached as low as minus 11 in certain parts of the UK (for example as in Chesham in Buckinghamshire) and for those who are struggling to meet the cost of energy it is a particularly miserable time of the year. Consumer experts’ uSwitch have found that the prospect of harsh winter weather is forcing millions of people to ration their energy usage.

Research shows that as many as 8 out of 10 people are rationing the time they rely upon their heater to provide them with essential warmth, a total of 83% of those surveyed. More worryingly, this survey was carried out prior to the recent steep drop in temperatures so these figures may actually now be out-of-date and could be higher than originally recorded.

Another statistic to come out of the study is that ¾ of households have completely gone without fuel at certain times this winter, which by all accounts until the past few days has been relatively mild.

Energy Rated UPVC Replacement Windows

Despite many of the UK’s major energy companies announcing price drops in the past few weeks, it pales in comparison to the rises that many of them implemented last year which is why so many are left with no choice but to go without heat, even when they need it most.

uSwitch amongst many others have recommended that homeowners introduce insulation and look to find a cheaper energy tariff to help bring down the cost of energy.

You could also supplement this by installing aluminium windows and aluminium doors throughout your home or purchase as many as you can afford as aluminium offers fantastic insulation all on its own as those who have been inside aluminium conservatories will be aware.


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