Avoid replacement doors without decent energy ratings

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) launched their Door Energy Ratings Scheme (DER) back in September 2011. The British Standard Institute (BSI) have also introduced a Kitemark for replacement doors, enabling UK householders to select external doors tested by either of these recognised schemes so that they can choose the product(s) that  have the highest rating should they want to do so.

The BFRC door scheme is simply an extension of their Windows Energy Ratings (WER’s) label scheme to all kinds of domestic doors — external pedestrian doors and French, folding and sliding glazed doors. The BFRC label makes the levels (A to G) for energy efficient doors easily understandable and highly visible, allowing UK home owners, specifiers and others to assess for themselves the energy efficiency properties of the doors, as all doors are not like for like.

A Black Jacobean Thermally Efficient Composite Door With Obscure Double Glazed Side Panel
A Black Jacobean Thermally Efficient Composite Door With Obscure Double Glazed Side Panel

All kinds of external residential doors, be they partially glazed doors, solid doors or fully glazed doors — are included in the BFRC scheme. The BFRC website makes it clear that “The simulations for the BFRC DER Scheme allow every style to be included whether they are constructed of UPVC, aluminium, timber or are a composite type door.”

According to the BFRC an “E” rating is indicative of a U-Value of 1.8 W/m2K as allowed for in the current Part L Buildings Regulations. Clearly then an “A” rating will reflect the standard of the best performing doors currently available. Likewise ratings of “F” or “G” are not compliant as replacement doors or for new build. These would only be legally permitted in exempt structures such conservatories that don’t require Building Regulation or Planning Approval.

In a similar way to BFRC the BSI Kitemark scheme for Window Energy Rating provides a quality assured process and supporting audit trail from simulation of the WER through to installation and is therefore accepted by Building Control Bodies. BSI also offer their assessment service and Kitemark certification for the following products:

  • UPVC doors and windows
  • Timber doors and windows
  • Aluminium doors and windows
  • Steel and composite doors and windows

As well as thermal efficiency BSI tests doors for weathertightness, impact strength, durability and security. Whether the replacement door bought by a property owner has been tested by BSI or BFRC does not really matter. What counts is that it has been independently tested and approved, so one will know what one is getting quality so, and therefore a marked improvement on existing draughty doors. Find out more about the BFRC energy rated schemes and energy saving replacement double glazed doors


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