Conservatives Give Conservatory Tax Thumbs Down

Recent news that a conservatory tax was to be introduced by the government which would see property owners faced with extra charges when installing extensions and other energy efficient measures was met with widespread condemnation. Thankfully, for the many millions of people looking to improve their home it increasingly looks as though the idea will not go ahead.
It is believed that several Conservative ministers are strongly against the proposal put forward by the Liberal Democrats which has yet to be finalised, with a source quoted as saying the plans are ‘dead in the water’ and ‘we are absolutely not going to have a conservatory tax. It is an attack on aspiration and we want nothing to do with it. It will be blocked.’

Conservatories in Oxford, conservatories in Aylesbury and conservatories in Reading are hugely popular at the moment as people look to increase the resale value of their property and the amount of space they have available.
If there were to be a conservatory tax implemented you can safely guess that the number of conservatory installations taking place throughout the UK would drop so it comes as welcome news to both homeowners and home improvement companies that the plan is doomed to failure.
Even in a wallowing housing market, a conservatory can make your home extremely appealing to the average buyer. It offers fantastic aesthetics, a unique style of living and an enormous amount of spaciousness. With several conservatory designs now widely available, finding one to suit your home couldn’t be simpler.
It will be a truly unmissable addition to your home, one which captures the attention of neighbours and passers-by. With 20 years of guaranteed extended living, buying a conservatory will be one of the safest home improvement purchases you can make.


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