Housing Costs Continue To Go Up

Despite aspirations to own a home, several thousand people in the UK remain unable to afford to buy a property, and those who do now face a mountain of bills to own, run and maintain one. The Halifax have calculated that the costs associated with owning, running and maintaining a home now amount to almost £10,000 a year, the highest level since 2008.
This will come as a surprise to many when you consider that mortgage repayments are down to one of their lowest levels in years. However, one of the key contributors to this hike in household costs can be put down to the rise in gas and electricity bills as they are responsible for nearly 90 per cent of the total increase over the last year.
This is an on-going problem for the average homeowner as going without heat and light at certain times of the year in order to avoid expensive bills is totally impractical. Once the dark nights draw in you need some form of light so that you can see what you are doing. You could overcome this issue by investing in some candles or in the case of essential heat you should look to install aluminium windows and aluminium doors.

A set of aluminium windows and aluminium doors will provide all-day round insulation and reduce the amount of heat lost from the home on a daily basis. This will allow you to reduce the amount of energy your home consumes courtesy of your boiler.
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