Rockdoor – The Ultimate Composite Door?

Official “Door Energy Ratings” have been introduced in the UK to provide a simple yet effective way of assessing the energy efficiency of residential doors (similar to choosing a white electrical goods). Rockdoor was one of the first manufacturers to design a double glazed composite door which is A-Rated as standard, regardless of the size of glass or threshold option chosen. One does need to be careful with the word composite, as one can buy “cheap and nasty” replacement doors claiming to be composite doors. As a rule of thumb if a composite door is cheap, don’t expect it to perform to the same standard as thoroughly tested doors with the accreditations and certificates to back up their assertions.

High Quality Wood Grain Effect White Replacement Composite Door Installation
Replacement Ultimate Composite Door Installation

For example, the “Ultimate Composite Door” from Rockdoor is a high class door which features a 50mm thick door sash, argon filled double glazed units, soft coat thermally efficient glass and a carbon fibre reinforced inner-frame. Branded as “the Ultimate Door” it is the most advanced thermally efficient and secure composite door available in the UK at present.

In addition, with a security rating of 1, the Ultimate Door features a unique carbon fibre reinforced inner-frame, plus has German engineered multi point hook locks made from solid brass. Cylinder guard protectors and a 50mm thick sash make the Ultimate Composite Door virtually impenetrable to burglars. Consequently the Ultimate Door is designed to be as secure as possible. Multipoint locks, steel drill plates, cylinder protectors, outer & inner frame reinforcing and anti-bumping cylinders all provide peace of mind.

The Ultimate Composite Door is made with a unique engineered door system ‘made to measure’ for strength, not ‘cut to fit’ which weakens a door. It’s designed with a unique reinforced inner & outerframe, specially designed to hold all the components including locks, deadbolts & hinges.

Thermally efficiency wise, the Ultimate RockDoor has an A-Rating for thermal performance thanks to its press glazed technology, sash thickness, PU foam, UPVC skins and thermally efficient soft coat glass. Heat loss is the lowest in the industry for this type of composite door as the Ultimate Rockdoor features high performance low-emissivity soft coated glass which offers excellent thermal insulation when incorporated within a Low E Argon filled double glazed unit.

Rockdoors are manufactured from high impact unplasticized polyvinyl chloride to match the other windows and rooflines in a property, whilst hiding minor scratches. All coloured/wood effect Ultimate Composite Doors are protected by Heat Shield technology meaning your Rockdoor won’t crack, bend or warp in hot weather. Being low maintenance, UPVC only requires an occasional wipe down with warm soapy water. As Rockdoors do not contain any wood, it’s impervious to water meaning it won’t swell or rot, so will therefore last longer.

The Ultimate Door makes a superb residential front entrance door as well as a high quality composite stable door or pair of composite French doors. The way to be certain is to compare each product’s benefits and features so you can see the advantages of these Ultimate Doors for oneself, as less expensive alternatives are not likely going to be able to stack up on a like for like basis, as there are currently no other composite door in the UK that can hold a candle to the all round performance of the Ultimate Composite Door. Why not Find out more about Ultimate Composite Doors


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