Energy costs could double within 6 years

Most UK property owners quite rightly think our electricity and gas bills are already very expensive, however if the experts are right, they are set to double within six years, so we may be looking back thinking what a bargain current energy bills are!?

With the average annual household energy bill in the United Kingdom currently standing at around a massive £1,252 and fuel poverty figures sadly rising daily as a consequence, the last thing we really want to hear about is a further rise in the cost of bills. Well close your eyes and cover your ears now as experts are predicting that by 2015 the average annual household energy bill will pass £1,500.

Worst still is a further prediction that the average annual household energy bill could even reach upwards of £2,766 by 2018. It is not just energy bills, water rates have soared and Council Tax is not much better!

If energy bill estimates for 2015 come to pass then consumer experts uSwitch, who have collated the figures, says that upwards of one in six households are likely to go without adequate heating and four in ten will completely turn their heating off.

Director of Consumer Policy, Ann Robinson, is very concerned by the findings:

â€ŔThe UK is hurtling towards a cliff beyond which the price of household energy will become unaffordable. Once the average bill hits £1,500 a year consumers will be forced to compromise on their comfort, health and well-being.”

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