Lower Energy Bills With Solar Panels From Hazlemere

Many UK homeowners have been dealt a blow in the past few days following news that British Gas and E.ON will be raising the cost of both gas and electricity ahead of winter. This means that the average fuel bill will stand at around 1,350 pounds per year, a financial burden that most people can ill-afford to pay.
Hazlemere can help ease your money worries by giving you the opportunity to invest in renewable energy designed to drive down the cost of electricity, namely solar panels in Amersham, solar panels in Chesham and solar panels in Uxbridge.
Placed on the roof of your home, solar panels will harvest the natural light of the sun and convert it into useable electricity so that reliance on conventional electricity can be lowered which is not only healthier for your wallet but the environment as a whole.
Even in the most overcast of weather conditions you can still rely upon a set of solar panels to function so there is zero need to fear that the good old British weather will scupper any investment you make into them. This means that the majority of electricity produced in your home throughout the day will come courtesy of those shiny panels sitting atop of your property.
Did you know that you can also earn money from owning a set of solar panels?
You get a financial reward for every kWh of energy produced by your solar panels, which currently stands at 16p per kWh for systems up to 4KW, and can therefore expect a significant R.O.I. over at least the next 20 years thanks to the feed-in-tariff.
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