Stay In The Know, Don’t Let Your Windows Blow

Many houses In the UK suffer huge energy bills and massive heat loss all because of old windows that have single glazing or older double glazing. This is a huge problem in winter when heating is used the most, but old windows can also cause problems in summer too. For instance, old double glazed units that were made from wood or early versions of PVC are generally thicker to keep a firm grip on the glass, this does work for some time but generally will begin to loosen its grip after a few years and then begin to let in the cold air again.

The thicker frames also reduce the visible light that comes into your home and means more lighting is used and houses feel smaller. Better natural lighting can completely change the look of a room and it is not just the size of frames that make this a big problem in homes.

Older double glazed units were not built to the same technical standards as modern day double glazing in Berkshire, over time they become less thermally efficient and in many cases they eventual warp and give in to the external conditions. There is also the issue of double glazing ‘blowing’ and when a double glazing unit is blown, water and moisture can build up on the inside of the frame, this creates constant marks and grime from the water vapour and give the effect of the windows being frosted. Not only does this look unsightly, it also reduces the amount of light that can enter through them. Blown windows are also hard to clean on the outside, as doing so will cause more water vapour and grime to accumulate on the inside, making replacing your blown windows the only option to regain clear and fresh looking windows.

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