Combine New Windows With Energy-Saving Tips From Hazlemere

If last year is anything to go by, and the past two or three years before that, we can expect most of our major energy companies to increase fuel costs over the coming months. Many have already done so which will come as a huge body blow to many millions of British householders.

Hazlemere cannot stress enough just how important it is that anyone yet to invest in double glazing in Berkshire, double glazing in Middlesex or double glazing in Reading does so at the soonest opportunity to cut their bills.

Once you’ve bought new windows from us you should then make more of an effort to further lower your energy consumption; here’s how you can do it:

– Most energy suppliers estimate how much energy your home consumes and base what they charge you on this; a figure that could be inaccurate. Supply your supplier with regular meter readings for a far more precise bill.
– Switching to online billing as some suppliers will charge extra for sending you a paper bill.
– Take out a dual fuel package so that you get both your gas and electricity provided to you by one supplier.
– Pay for your energy by direct debit.
– Locate the cheapest possible energy tariff for your home. Very often you will find the most competitive deals online so it definitely pays to shop around.
– Spend less time in the shower. Set a time limit for your showering and stick to it.
– Depending on the age of your boiler get it replaced as contemporary boiler systems offer a huge amount of energy efficiency.
– Dry clothes outside rather than on your radiators.
– Always fully load the washing machine instead of cleaning clothes in small batches.
– Fit energy saving light bulbs around your home.


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