Use A Conservatory As Your Base For Teleworking

Though it’s fast growing in popularity, many people will not yet be familiar with the term ‘teleworking’.

The official definition of teleworking is ‘working regularly from a place other than the office, in most cases from a home office, utilising information and communications technology to stay connected to colleagues and work systems’; the Office for National Statistics estimates that 13 per cent of people currently working in the UK regularly work from home.

There are several reasons for this change in working practice. The advancement in communications and introduction of broadband internet being one and the increase in the number of self-employed people another. The growing cost of the daily commute has also encouraged many to neglect a regular trip to the office for a far more cost effective stay at home.

However, you can’t just work anywhere in the home if you want to perform your duties as best you can and with the minimum of distractions. Ideally, you need a dedicated spot where you can shut yourself off and integrate any computer technology necessary.

A conservatory or even an orangery could be just the thing you need.

Just think about it. The calm and relaxed surroundings that a conservatory and orangery provide are perfect for home-based working as you’ll be able to get your head down with the upmost privacy; don’t be at all surprised if your productivity levels go through the roof (not literally of course).

The joy you get out of working from inside your home extension could even give you the motivation you need to set-up up your own business. The influence of shows like ‘Dragon’s Den’ has resulted in a spurt of aspiring entrepreneurs and you couldn’t ask for a better base in which to get things up and running.

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