An Extension For Every Type Of Home At Hazlemere

With summer inching ever nearer there will be many householders out there pondering with the idea of improving their residence during the year’s brightest season. It’s a fantastic time to consider making modifications and enhancements, particularly if you’re the type of person who likes to invite close friends and family round to enjoy the extra hours of sunshine and warmer weather.

Those looking to create a focal point and special setting for wining and dining will be enticed by the prospect of adding a home extension and there are several to choose from at Hazlemere; UPVC, aluminium and coloured conservatories, the Loggia conservatory, glass extension and orangeries.

Each extension boasts a number of credentials but the main attribute they collectively share (to varying degrees of course!), is the spaciousness they provide and that extra space can prove invaluable if your home currently feels overcrowded.

The size and shape of your home may determine which extension suits blends in best and the budget you have available will also obviously have an influence on the final decision.

Here’s a brief summary of each option:

UPVC conservatory

The thermal efficiency of a UPVC conservatory ensures that the structure is operational 365 days a year.

Aluminium conservatory

The slim aluminium profile encourages more natural sunlight to enter into the extension and it offers fantastic durability.

Coloured conservatory

Traditional white conservatories still remain popular but for those wanting something different a coloured conservatory can add a huge splash of colour.

Loggia conservatory

Created using a combination of British manufacturing techniques and Italian design, the Loggia is the latest variation of the home extension.

Bespoke glass extensions

With many the right high quality double glazed sealed unit specification, a bespoke glass extension can still provide an all year round energy efficient space full of warmth and light.


As opposed to a conservatory, the orangery is a predominantly brick-built composition and therefore fits in more naturally than a UPVC structure.


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