Solar Panels: Utilising The Sun To Your Advantage

The prolonged hours of sunshine that we’ve been experiencing over the past few months are slowly but surely being cut short as we fast advance towards the autumn and winter periods. However, we can still expect to experience a healthy amount of natural sunlight which will massively work in your favour if you commit to a solar panel installation from Hazlemere.

You’ll only be too aware of how expensive conventional electricity is nowadays and it’s largely expected that most of our major energy companies will be raising electricity prices further in the foreseeable future. Solar panels are the perfect antidote to such problems as they enable you to produce your own clean electricity by harnessing the FREE power generated by the sun.

Hazlemere are the best there is when it comes to solar panel installation as we will visit your property beforehand and carefully assess where the panels are best positioned in order for them to receive the most generous quantity of sunlight throughout the day. It will also help us determine which form of panelling will work best for your residence; you will find our team of solar PV experts to be extremely thorough.

The first electricity bill you receive post-installation will be considerably lower to those you were previously receiving, in part due to the government’s Feed-in-Tariff scheme where for each unit of electricity your panels produce you earn money back.

Some may question the feasibility of installing solar panels in the run up to winter on the understanding that their effectiveness will be limited. This is somewhat of a myth as you can still expect them to produce the financial goods, even in the most overcast conditions.

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