3 Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient This January

Cold living quarters and expensive energy bills are both typically consequences of owning a home that provides insufficient energy efficiency.

Did you know?

There are several definitions of energy efficiency given, but this one sums it up nicely: “using less energy to provide the same service.”

Where do I start?

January is a good time to pinpoint where your home is failing on the energy efficiency front and identify the required measures you need to take to boost internal warmth and slash the cost of energy bills throughout 2017 and beyond.


There are hundreds of ways that you can improve energy efficiency and many of them are very simple: we refer to things like pressing the “off” switch on appliances when they’re not in use and closing your curtains after sunset.

We have picked out 3 of the most effective methods of enhancing energy efficiency in the home:

  1. Find the best available energy tariff

Have you switched energy supplier recently? If you haven’t then you’re not alone as Ofgem has discovered that more than 60% of customers are still on standard variable tariffs, which are “significantly more expensive than the cheapest deals”.

Those who have never switched could save anything up to £300 annually by doing so and it’s extremely simple to do. Just grab your most recent energy bill, visit a trusted energy price comparison site, and pick the cheapest plan. Your new energy supplier will then take care of switching you over from your existing supplier.

  1. Replace any old windows and doors

To restrict heat loss it is recommended that you upgrade any single glazed timber windows and doors to double or triple glazed UPVC or aluminium windows and doors. They’re better equipped to limit draughts and will subsequently reduce energy consumption.

The internal temperature will be noticeably warmer in those rooms where any new windows and doors are fitted. Should you be struggling to finance a full replacement of all the existing windows and doors in the house, just have them integrated into the areas you utilise most regularly i.e. living room.

  1. Get your boiler serviced annually

This should ideally be done ahead of the winter period, but we’ve experienced a relatively mild winter to date so there’s nothing to stop you organising this now in case temperatures take a turn for the worse.

The servicing engineer will ensure that your boiler is fully efficient and identify any issues that need remedying. This will save you money on energy bills and reduce the chances of the boiler breaking down at an inopportune time.

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