Add The WOW Factor To Your Home With Bi-Folding Doors

UK TV schedules are filled with a host of property shows: Amazing Spaces, Location, Location, Location, Grand Designs etc. etc.

Millions of us regularly tune into such programmes for aspirational reasons and inspirational guidance, hoping to obtain on trend, up-to-the-minute ideas that we can incorporate into our own dwelling.

There are very few additions to the household that are as up-to-the-minute as a bi-folding door installation. They are certain to create a major talking point whether integrated into the original building or within a retrospectively fitted home extension.

10 benefits of bi-folding doors

  1. Slender frames

A traditional patio or French door typically contains a chunky door frame, whereas a bi-folding door has a remarkably slim profile, maximising the glazed area for improved views.

  1. Open inwardly or outwardly

The opening can be specially configured so that it either opens inwardly or outwardly so that when concertinaed the doors take up very little internal or external space, nor restrict access.

  1. Break boundaries

Your home and garden will merge into one once a bi-folding door has been fully folded open. The same goes for any room connected to a home extension when the doors are utilised internally.

  1. Effortless opening

Only a tiny push is required to open a bi-folding door and make the individual sections collectively glide with ease along the stainless steel runner.

  1. Improve security

Any attempt made to break into your home via a set of bi-folding doors will be unsuccessful as they’re affixed with a tamper-proof multi-point locking mechanism.

  1. Exceptional thermal efficiency

Because they satisfy the thermal demands of the England and Wales Building Regulations, bi-folding doors keep living spaces warm.

  1. Up to 7 sections

A bi-folding door can encompass up to 7 sections for those who have a sizeable aperture into which it can sit. For a smaller opening choose a 2-section door.

  1. Beautiful aesthetics

You would be hard pushed to find any other door solution that offers the stunning beauty of a bi-fold. It’s such an engaging design and immensely pleasurable on the eyes.

  1. Entice in natural light

The high percentage of glass allows more natural light to pass through into your home or extension, brightening internal spaces like never before.

10. Add value

Fellow property TV watchers will be seduced by bi-folds, so they’re therefore likely to improve the resale value of a home and chances of a quick sale.


Bi-folding doors are a must-have item for 2017 and will totally transform any modern or period residence.

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