What Are The Differences Between UPVC & Aluminium Conservatories?

Conservatory buyers have traditionally leaned towards UPVC built conservatories for the past few decades predominantly because UPVC conservatories have dominated the conservatory market.

Large Aluminium Conservatory

Aluminium built conservatories are rising in popularity though and beginning to claim a healthy share of the market.

It’s nice to have contrasting options when buying a conservatory, but homeowners may be questioning whether a UPVC or aluminium conservatory suits them, and their home, best.

They may have a better idea after gaining an understanding of the various benefits, similiarities and differences between UPVC and aluminium crafted conservatories.

  1. Cost

Manufacturing aluminium is costlier than manufacturing UPVC, so you will have to pay more for an aluminium conservatory, but the quality of aluminium justifies the extra cost, should you have the available budget.

  1. Zero maintenance

Wooden conservatories require frequent maintenance. What UPVC and aluminium conservatories share in common is that they are both virtually maintenance-free. Any dirt that builds up on the frames can easily be wiped away with a wet cloth.

  1. Glass

Aluminium can easily be moulded and into incredibly slender frames. Because the frames are so svelte a larger volume of glass can be housed within them, ideal for those who want to bring in as much natural sunlight into the structure as possible.

  1. Colour

The finish applied to a UPVC or aluminium conservatory will never wear away; no need for any future repainting. They’re equally enduring, the main difference being that a powder-coated finish is applied to an aluminium frame.

  1. Strength

Rest assured that UPVC is very strong, but you’ll find fewer tougher building materials than aluminium. Its durability is second to none and it can withstand everything that the weather throws at it.

  1. Energy efficiency

People are sick of conservatories that get too cold in winter and too hot in summer. UPVC and aluminium conservatories offer excellent U-values and energy ratings. The first energy A ratings were achieved by UPVC.

There’s no right or wrong decision when choosing between a UPVC or aluminium conservatory. Just analyse the facts first and trust your instinct.

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