What You Need To Know About Home Renovations

Brighter, better weather may be the motivation you need to renovate your home ahead of a (hopefully) glorious summer.

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But before you make a start, sufficient forethought is required. The last thing you want is for things not to go to plan and be left counting the cost.

Use the below as a starting point

  • Figure out your budget

Money matters! Assess your finances first to work out how much cash you have to play with. Shop around to get an idea of what your desired renovations cost. You may find that you need some financial assistance (a loan) in order to achieve your goals or you might prefer to do a bit more saving.

Just ensure that you never spend beyond your means and account for any unforeseen problems in your final budget.

  • Check planning laws and building regulations

Certain renovations may require prior planning permission before they can go ahead and need to meet current building regulations.

Get in contact with your local authority whose planning department will be able to advise you on everything. Never be tempted to do any work until you have as if you’re found in breach of the obligations you may be ordered to make remedial work further down the line or completely remove the offending item.

  • Choose a reliable installer

Some home renovations you can do yourself, whilst others are best left to the professionals e.g. window, door or conservatory installations.

It’s only natural that you would want to find the very best installer in the area, that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive! Speak to friends and family to see if there is anybody they would recommend and check out the credentials of local installers online and by viewing the testimonials of previous customers.

You’ll now be in a position to transform your living space into the luxury home haven that you’ve always wanted.

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