Which Replacement Door Matches Your Home Style Best?

It’s amazing how strong an influence a front door has on the overall personality of a home. A beautiful entranceway speaks volumes of those who live within a property and demonstrates just how house proud they are.

UPVC White Door

Getting the right door is therefore imperative, but there is such a wealth of different door styles available nowadays that choosing a design that complements and enhances the styling of a residence can be challenging.

It helps to have some understanding of what each door style will bring, so read on and let us enlighten you.

UPVC Doors

The development of UPVC doors was greeted with open arms by a large proportion of the population who previously only had the option of timber doors when fitting a new door at their home.

More affordable, more energy efficient, more secure and requiring far less maintenance than authentic wooden doors, UPVC doors come in a comprehensive spectrum of styles, making them perfect for properties old and new.

Composite Doors

Despite all the shortcomings of traditional timber doors, you cannot deny they are initially extremely pleasing on the eyes. Composite doors boast very similar aesthetics to timber doors, only they don’t succumb to wear and tear as they’re manufactured using a host of modern materials.

The thickness of a composite door makes them a highly secure solution too. They’ll also appeal to those who have a specific finish in mind as some door suppliers will provide composite doors in any RAL colour of your choice.

Aluminium Doors

The super slim and exceptional profile of an aluminium door means that it will make a hugely fashionable statement at your home.

Its up-to-the-minute design can be further accentuated with the inclusion of expansive chic glazing and because each finish undergoes a special powder-coating process it gives off the same kind of richness that you only normally get from a true timber door.

Timber Doors

We’re not talking about traditional timber doors here, but modern timber doors. A contemporary timber door looks remarkably like the timber doors of the past, ideal for period properties, yet exceeds them in virtually every respect of performance as it is constructed from the very finest materials.

To the look and touch you would completely believe that they were made from timber, but the energy efficiency, security and enduring stylishness they provide will prove that they’re not. Timber but without the headaches, that’s how they’re best described.

The best way to make your mind up is to see a selection of these door types in person and their accompanying hardware and glazing options. You can do just that when you visit your nearest Hazlemere showroom.


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