Why it pays to have energy rated thermally broken windows

All UK householders are all constantly being encouraged to play their part in helping the UK environment and are accustomed to the energy efficiency labels that are on all the white appliances that they purchase, as these indicate the extent to which the product they are buying is energy efficient, and therefore how environmentally friendly it is.

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With this in mind most of them, given the option, will probably opt for more energy efficient rated models when affordable, secure in the knowledge that they are doing their ‘bit’ for the environment, whilst also saving them money on their utility bills. With the huge increases in energy prices announced by most utility companies, this has had the effect of focusing minds on how they can save energy in their homes.

It is almost a decade now since the UK Government turned their attention to the fabric of our houses and developed a system whereby homeowners could choose energy efficient products for other areas of their home as well.  Much work has been done in the last 10 years to bring new, higher standards to the thermal efficiency of windows and doors, and this has now evolved to the point where the windows you choose should carry the highly recognisable and understandable energy efficiency labels called Window Energy Rating.

The minimum standard for all replacement windows since 1st October 2010 when the English and Welsh Building Regulations were tightened up, is a Window Energy Rating (WER) of “C” or a minimum combined U Value of 1.6W/m2K. Ever since then property owners and installers in England are required by law to fit these highly thermally efficient windows when replacing old ones or fitting new ones to an extension etc), as without these energy saving products being installed, a FENSA certificate cannot be issued to prove compliance.

Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of replacement windows fitted before 2010 (and many since) were not sadly “thermally broken” or anything like as good as genuinely B rated thermally broken windows, and many would not achieve today’s minimum requirement for replacement windows of a “C” energy rating, as in 2009 and before there was no requirement for home owners or double glazing installers to do so.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, around 20% of heat is lost from un-insulated homes is through windows.  Investing in one of Hazlemere Windows eco-friendly window systems makes a significant contribution to reducing this heat loss, which in turn helps to keep homes warmer.  Using less energy to keep you warm not only reduces your carbon emissions but saves you money as well. For example, Hazlemere Windows PVCu triple glazed windows achieve an A++ rating, having a combined U-Value of 0.99 W/m2K. Even Hazlemere Windows standard double glazed PVCu windows have an A+ energy rating and a combined U-Value of 1.3 W/m2K.

However, achieving energy efficiency as a window is only part of the story if homeowners are concerned with the overall environmental impact of what they buy as well as saving money.  Hazlemere Windows aluminium eco-friendly windows are obviously made from aluminium which has a very positive environmental story all of its own.  Apart from having a long life in use, once it reaches the end of its life it can be infinitely recycled.  Recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy needed to produce the original material plus the finished product has all of the same qualities as the original as well which means aluminium can be recycled time and time again.

Investing in thermally broken aluminium or PVCu double glazing is what millions of home owners in England have already done, many replacing first and second generation non-thermally broken double glazing, which nowadays just doesn’t cut the mustard, given the massive technological advances and the high quality replacement window and door products available from reputable suppliers.

A+ Energy Rated Label for Hazlemere Windows UPVC Casements
A+ Energy Rated Label for Hazlemere Windows UPVC Casements


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