Reap the financial benefits of having technologically advanced windows

Replacing inefficient, outdated or inefficient existing windows makes perfect sense, given the ever rising costs of electricity and gas, as long as if and when you do this, you ensure you specify the most affordable thermally efficient replacement windows on the home improvement UK market.

Double Glazing Windows

Some homeowners in England, cite the upfront costs required, as a reason for putting off improving their aesthetics and overall living environment, as well as continuing to put up with their thermally inefficient out dated windows and doors. Given home buyers in this country now expect a property to be fully double glazed (or insist on a large amount off the asking price so they have the monies to carry out the necessary improvements themselves), it is really is far better to take a pragmatic approach, so if you do not have the cash flow to replace all the windows and doors in one go, then make sure you do them in as few stages as possible, starting with the ones in your living rooms and/or bedrooms first, so you get the maximum benefit from whatever money you do spend on home improvement. This way you’ll get the best saving from economies of scale.

UK double glazing industry technological advances over the last ten to twenty years mean that the first and second generations of replacement double glazing are now sadly out-dated and have now been superseded by high performance “thermally broken” energy saving efficient windows, which if specified, enable far better energy ratings to be achieved. No different to car models continually being up-dated.

For double glazing manufacturers to be able to achieve a legal window energy rating  of C, B or A they need to fabricate a frame that is thermally broken (i.e. where the outer pane and inner pane are separated, so that the cold on the outside does not clash with the warmth on the inside) and then this frame needs to be used in conjunction with a high specification sealed unit with a warm edge spacer bar separating the inner and outer glass panes which is filled with an inert gas like Argon, which not only insulates the double glazing, it also helps with sound reduction too.

Very recent technological advances have enabled certain higher quality UPVC products to obtain even greater energy ratings than “A”.  Some companies use triple glazing to achieve better than an “A” rating, whereas others have opted to improve their double glazed frames, making them more robust as well as more thermally efficient in the process.

Triple glazing sealed units costs more than double glazed sealed units, simply because there are 3 panes of glass rather than 2 and because they have 2 warm edge spacer bars rather than 1. This means triple glazed units do cost a lot more to replace if they break down or crack than double glazed units, a factor worth considering before choosing between the 2 options.

Buckinghamshire based independent double glazing manufacturers and installers Hazlemere Windows have been replacing windows in the South of England for over 30 years. Hazlemere have recently switched all their UPVC casement windows with side hung and top hung opening vents to A+ as standard. The outer window sash on the bespoke UPVC windows they supply and install now has six chambers increasing the thermal break between the inside and outside, as well as the robustness of the product. Hazlemere Windows also now offer a UPVC triple glazed window with a slimmer outer frame that has an A++ energy rating.

As it is now possible to have professionally installed bespoke A+ energy rated double glazed windows fitted for far less than A+ or A++ triple glazing, it makes sound financial sense to invest in double glazed A+ windows. Bear in mind that if the most thermally efficient windows available in the UK are not well fitted, they won’t perform, so it is important to select an experienced installer you can trust to do a thorough professional job on your property.

Lower heating bills start immediately after having well fitted thermally broken energy saving windows installed, so it really pays to have them all done as soon as possible, even if you need to do this in 2 or 3 phases. With fewer moving house due to the sheer costs involved, more and more UK homeowners are improving rather than moving, and therefore those who do invest in A+ energy saving windows are benefiting from a better living environment, virtually no maintenance and particularly from lower heating costs.


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