How To Make Sure Your Home Is Secure When You Go On Holiday

One of the biggest anxieties for homeowners heading on holiday this summer is worrying whether their property is suitably protected whilst they are away.

They shouldn’t need to worry if their house is properly protected. Any sign of anxiety demonstrates that this isn’t the case.

Any apprehension about leaving your home empty for a week or two can be suppressed by making the following secure measures:

  1. Ask a trusted friend to call in twice a day

Give a family member or friend you completely trust a key and ask them if they would be kind enough to call into your home in the morning and at night to remove any post from the doorstep and close the curtains. This will make it a little less obvious to eagle-eyed thieves that your house is empty. Don’t be tempted to leave a key for collection under a nearby plant pot as thieves aren’t daft!

  1. Join your nearest Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are designed to reduce crime in communities. All of those who sign up keep a collective eye on the area and should report any suspicious or any unlawful activity. If there is no current scheme in place then you could always speak to your fellow neighbours and find out if they’re interested in establishing one.

  1. Fit the latest windows and doors

Your ageing windows and doors may not be as secure as they once were and they’re an obvious target for burglars. Modern windows and doors come with sophisticated locking mechanisms that when locked in place stay locked! Just make sure that you remember to lock them properly when not opened. You’d be amazed how many burglaries occur just because windows and doors haven’t been locked.

  1. Install an alarm system

Buy a British Standard approved alarm system and have it fitted by a specialist. They vary An audible deterrent could scare away burglars at the point of break-in.

Fit a British Standard approved alarm system. It can cost more than £1,000 to install – but if it prevents you being burgled it is money well spent. Be aware there may be annual ‘maintenance’ costs of up to £100 required for insurance purposes.

  1. Don’t publicise your departure

It is impossible not to get excited about your holiday and most of us at some point have posted a picture on social media of the customary alcoholic beverage at the airport as you’re awaiting your flight.

This publicises the fact that your home will be empty for a week or two and who knows who’s monitoring your Facebook or Twitter profile. As difficult as it might be, try and keep news of your break low-key and only share the news with those you’re closest to.

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