Which Home Extension Would Best Suit Your House Style?

Choosing a conservatory for your home is much harder nowadays as there is so much more choice than there used to be.

What makes it doubly hard is that you also need to be absolutely certain that the conservatory design you pick complements the styling of your home.

Get the decision wrong and you will be left kicking yourself.

Before you do anything, read our essential conservatory guide

You will feel far more informed about the types of conservatories available after seeing what they look like and understanding what they offer.

Edwardian Conservatory


The Edwardian conservatory comes in a square or rectangular shape and has a very high pitched roof which makes the inside of the structure feel very lofty and airy. Because of its flat walls it makes it simple for you to insert sofas and shelves into the design if you intend on using it as a living room, dining room or play area.

Victorian Conservatory


It has existed for over 150 years, but the Victorian conservatory continues to capture the imagination and be the world’s most popular conservatory design. Slotting in wonderfully into period residences, it offers a hexagonal or octagonal shape, and because of its round frontage, supplies captivating views of the garden.

Lean-To Conservatory


Bungalow owners and those who reside in properties with a low pitched roof aren’t denied the opportunity to expand their space as the Lean-To conservatory is sleek enough to fit in almost anywhere. Sometimes referred to as a sun room or garden room, the Lean-To is surprisingly spacious despite its seemingly slim stature.

Gable Conservatory


Sophisticated sightlines and an elevated roof make the Gable conservatory a real sight to behold from every angle. It tends to be the preferred design for already expansive households and is renowned for driving in a high volume of sunlight throughout the day which helps invigorate its interior.

P-Shaped Conservatory


You can see elements of the Lean-To and Victorian variations within the P-shaped conservatory which can be 3 or 5 sided. The P-shape is advantageous for those wanting to use their extension for two separate purposes (i.e. living area, dining room) so that they can get the very most out of extended living.

Veranda Conservatory


Sampling indoor and outdoor living without your enjoyment being spoilt by the weather is achievable with a Veranda conservatory. The overhanging roof shelters the specially extended veranda area so that whenever the rain arrives you can sit back and read your favourite book in the dry.

Bespoke Conservatory


Some people will already have envisaged what their dream conservatory will look like and want to have a say in the design process. They’re recommended to go down the bespoke route as this enables you to have a direct influence on everything. Only once you are completely satisfied should you give the go-ahead for it to be built.

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