5 Benefits Of Replacing Your Conservatory Roof With A Solid Roof

Depending on the orientation of your conservatory, you can find that at times of the year your conservatory can be too hot or too cold to use for a long period of time. Many people plan to use their conservatory as an extension to their home rather than as a traditional conservatory. The temperature issue can be primarily caused by the roof, nowadays there is a simple solution, installing a solid roof. However, you may underestimate the further benefits which come with installing this kind of roof.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Improved thermal efficiency – This is a benefit that is most widely requested and expected when installing a solid roof. Due to the added layers of insulation and non transparent nature of the solid roof, no matter the weather outside you can enjoy your conservatory at a comfortable temperature.

Improved acoustics – The added insulation not only keeps the temperature more consistent, it also improves the acoustics by keeping unwanted noise out. So no matter the weather you’ll be able to have a conversation without having to shout.

Better aesthetically –  Solid roofs come in a wide variety of colours and styles so they can be made to match in with the style of the rest of your house. This makes your conservatory look more like a permanent fixture in your home. It also makes changes the aesthetics inside making it more cosy in the winter but still bright enough to when the sun comes out.

Adds value to your home –  The improved usability and aesthetic appeal a solid roof can provide an increase the value of you home and an important selling point which can reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home.

Utilise skylights to still get the traditional conservatory feeling – A solid roof doesn’t mean you have to lose all the light the roof let in. Adding a skylight to your solid roof means you can have the warmth in the winter but keep the light in the summer.

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