Can I Replace My Conservatory Roof With A Solid Roof Without Planning Permission?

Winter is coming which should set alarm bells ringing for conservatory owners wanting to utilise their extension during our frostiest season but who are aware that their extension fails to produce sufficient thermal efficiency in cold conditions.

When faced with such a situation you should replace the existing conservatory roof system for a solid roof.

A solid roof is the answer to your problems as this replacement conservatory roof covering will restore thermal efficiency so that you can get the most out of your extension again throughout all four seasons.

But before giving the green light to a solid roof installation you need to be vigilant and check whether planning permission needs to be sought first.

Here are the key points in relation to solid roof installations:

  • Building Regulatory Approval must be obtained ahead of replacing a translucent conservatory roof for a solid roof.
  • Planning permission may also be required as exchanging a glass roof for a solid insulated roof results in a “change of use” due to the classification of the extension changing from temporary to permanent.
  • If your current conservatory has a translucent roof and was constructed with planning approval you will definitely need to make a new planning application because of the “change of use” and full Building Regulations application.
  • The “change of use” may also lead to your local Building Control Officer ordering you to install suitable ventilation (roof vents / trickle vents) and make other necessary amendments.
  • Permitted Development Rights may have been withdrawn since the conservatory was originally constructed, in which case planning permission will need to be acquired.

The Local Authorities Building Control also gives the following direction in relation to solid roof installations – “your local authority building control team is likely to ensure that the roof and supporting structure fully complies with the Building Regulations.”

Don’t put a halt to your solid roof plans!

We could easily understand anyone reading this who is contemplating having a solid roof installed having second thoughts. Please don’t!

Hazlemere isn’t the type of company to leave you to fend for yourself in such circumstances. We will deal with any of the above requirements on your behalf to make replacing your old conservatory roof for a solid roof a completely stress-free experience.  

You can find out everything else you need to know about solid roofs and the types of solid roof we offer here.


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