Why We Are Aluminium Specialists

Hazlemere has been involved in the home improvement field for more than 30 years. During that time we have become particularly renowned for our expertise in manufacturing and installing aluminium products.

White Aluminium Windows

We are one of the largest suppliers of aluminium products in the South East and they’re all created to the highest of standards.

Our fondness for aluminium is partly due to it being extremely environmentally-friendly as it is completely recyclable and because it’s such a flexible material to work with.

When you purchase any aluminium crafted product from Hazlemere, whether that be a brand new set of aluminium windows or an aluminium conservatory, you’re guaranteed several different qualities:

  1. Unrivalled strength

Aluminium is much more durable than wood or UPVC and promises lasting resilience when utilised in any window or door design. Resistance to scratches, aluminium will sustain its toughness throughout its lifespan.

  1. Low maintenance

The immense strength of aluminium means that maintaining aluminium home improvements requires minimal effort. You only need to wipe an aluminium frame with a wet cloth to remove marks that build up and there’s no need for repainting, varnishing, sanding or any other form of upkeep.

  1. Excellent thermal efficiency

Household fuel has become increasingly expensive over the past decade and energy suppliers are only expected to raise prices further in the future. Aluminium thankfully offers a very level of thermal efficiency and will help you keep your home warm for less as it brilliantly traps heat and eliminates draughts.

  1. High glass-to-frame ratio

Aluminium frames can be made amazingly sleek to provide you with the neatest of sightlines. This enables a very high volume of glass to be inserted into the framework, good news for those who want largely uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

  1. Pick any colour you like

You can have the usual standard colours that you would expect incorporated into an aluminium frame and they’re available at an inexpensive cost. However, there’s also the option of having any RAL colour specially powder-coated onto the frame if you’re willing to wait a little longer and pay a little bit more.

A whole host of aluminium offerings can be seen at our sites in High Wycombe and Welwyn Garden City. Come see why we’re ahead of the game when it comes to aluminium.  




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