How To Obtain A Replacement FENSA Certificate

FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme and was set up to regulate window and door companies and ensure that they’re working to a high enough standard for customers.

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Hazlemere is very proud to have been a FENSA member since the scheme was first established in 2002. Retention of our membership over the past 16 years demonstrates our commitment to quality.

A big benefit of choosing a FENSA member like ourselves is that when changing your windows and doors at home we will issue you with a FENSA certificate which signifies that the work conducted complies with building regulations. We receive the certificate after notifying FENSA of the work. Otherwise it is solely your responsibility to get in contact with Local Building Control and have them approve the installation (this could take several weeks), paying the relevant fee for the privilege.

It makes much more sense to use a FENSA member as it makes things a lot easier and less stressful for you.

The FENSA certificate handed to you should be kept in a very safe place as it will need to be passed onto any new occupier of your house if you ever decide to sell. Failing to hand over the document could seriously hold up any sale.

We appreciate that sometimes these things get lost. If you have turned your place upside down and cannot locate the FENSA certificate originally handed to you, you can get a replacement, but not directly from Hazlemere. You can do it via the FENSA website.

Just submit details of the property here and pay a fee of £25. While on the FENSA website you can also view our listed entry using our Registration Number 10589.

FENSA membership is just one of several accreditations held by Hazlemere. Visit our Accreditations page to see the full list.






















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