Why You Should Invest In An Orangery This Summer

Weather forecasters are predicting a continuation of the glorious conditions we have been experiencing over the Bank Holiday weekend. How nice would it be to make the most of your extra bit of time away from work and the forthcoming, hopefully hot, summer months from the stunning surrounds of an orangery?

Large Tiled Roof Orangery with Bi-Folding Doors

Orangery buyers are always out in force at this time of the year and it’s not just because of the exceptional spaciousness an orangery adds to properties. There are numerous other reasons why orangeries are a big selling product right now.

Stunning external views

Gazing out from an orangery is like nothing else. You can soak in the whole atmosphere of the garden in unique fashion as you get an incredible perspective of it. An orangery roof is largely composed from glass, so you also benefit from tremendously captivating views of the sky – enough to leave anyone engrossed.

Reliable temperature control

One of the biggest criticisms levelled at traditional orangeries is their inability to keep out the weather – there’s nothing pleasant about spending your time in an orangery that’s either ridiculously cold or hot.

The framework, glazing and roof system utilised in a contemporary orangery design offers outstanding insulation and adjusts the internal temperature to the feel of the outdoors.


You have huge flexibility in terms of how you utilise an orangery. It can be designed and configured to suit.

During summer wouldn’t it be lovely to have a seating / dining area where you can take cover when the rain spoils the family barbecue. Anyone with young children could alternatively give their kids free reign in their orangery and turn it into a playroom filled with all their favourite toys and games.

Modern and traditional orangeries can be bought from Hazlemere

Summers will never quite be the same again once you have welcomed an orangery into the fold. Leave it to our talented team to create a tailor-made modern or traditional design. A tiled roof orangery is also an option.

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