Let The Summer Sun In With Bi-Folding Doors From Hazlemere

We have been completely spoilt by the weather over the past few weeks and it is essential that you take full advantage of it as you just don’t know how long it will last. Adding a set of bi-folding doors will enable you to better expose your interior to the brightness and warmth generated by the summer sun.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

You cannot help but smile when the sun illuminates your living space and it fills you with energy, along with it making the inside of the house somehow feel a lot larger than it actually is. This is how big of an impact bi-folds will have once they’re neatly inserted into a suitable aperture in the rear wall. It is also possible to integrate bi-folding doors into many types of conservatory and orangery designs.

Bi-folds are incomparable with any other door solution

A bi-folding door can consist of as little as 2 glazed door leafs if you’re short on space to accommodate their presence. When space isn’t an issue, you can have them fashioned to be comprised of up to 7 glazed door leafs.

Whatever their span, bi-folding doors can be manoeuvred across with amazing ease thanks to the lightness of the aluminium framing and the roller system they run across. You won’t be able to stop using them in summer when the sun is beating down as they’ll uniquely open out your indoor location.

That’s not all they will do…

Elegant Design

Bi-folding doors have such an elegant design as the slender aluminium sightlines and lengthy glass sections look stunning on the eyes. A bi-fold door also comes with a deep, rich colour due to the powder-coating process used when applying the finish to the aluminium frames.  

Thermally Efficient

You cannot have a set of bi-folds open at all times. In winter, they’ll need to stay firmly shut and this will benefit your interior as they deliver outstanding thermal efficiency and promise to keep the weather out. When standing next to a bi-fold that’s closed in summer, you’ll also feel heat coming through.

Optimum security

A multi-point locking system is incorporated into a bi-folding door and the double or triple glazed units within the design are internally beaded so that they can only be removed from inside of the house. Aluminium is amazingly tough too, so they’ll be no shifting them when they’re in a locked position.

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