How An Orangery Can Transform Your Home

It’s completely understandable for someone to grow a little bored of their home after several years of living in it. They could move house if they’re prepared to go through the demanding process of relocating or they could stay put and look to reinvent and rejuvenate their property in some way – possibly by adding an orangery to it.

An orangery installation will make you excited about your house again as this sophisticated structure oozes class. Brickwork makes up the majority of this grand design, viewable in the attractive pillars, walls and base.

The roof is one of the most eye-catching aspects of any modern or traditional orangery. Possible coverings include a classic, cornice or Lantern Roof.

Lantern Roofs date back to the Middle Ages when they would be found atop cathedrals. They maximise light transference, helping brighten orangery interiors and keep them consistently comfortable.

A solid roof is a further and entirely different option that can be accommodated for in new-build and existing orangeries. Supplied with lightweight tiles / slates mimicking the real thing in appearance, it offers outstanding thermal efficiency. Roof windows or integrated spotlights can be included to make up for any loss of natural light.

It doesn’t all just come down to looks and thermal efficiency though as orangery ownership comes with several other perks…

Fabulous external views

You will never have felt closer to your garden from the indoors as you do once an orangery occupies the space between your internal and external surroundings.

The wealth of glass will give you a stunning scene, so much so that you may decide to incorporate doors in the orangery design to make the garden ultra-accessible.

Multi-purpose space

You can utilise orangeries however you like. They’re most commonly turned into lounge / dining spaces but there’s nothing to stop you from having them act as a home office, gym etc. It’s your orangery so embrace the opportunity to make it your perfect place.

Added value

Home extensions are very valuable additions in financial terms as research has found that orangery installations can add upwards of 20% onto the resale value of properties. It’s a striking selling point that will put you in the driving seat if you ever choose to place the house on the market.

To appreciate the full extent of what a Hazlemere orangery can do for your home we encourage you to come and see several fully installed orangeries at one of our stylish showrooms.



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