UPVC vs Timber Windows: Unveiling the Best for Your Home

The comparison of UPVC vs timber windows has been a hot topic since the 1980s, following the introduction of UPVC windows in the UK.

Choosing the right windows is key to enhancing the comfort, look, and quietness of your home, but the array of material choices can be overwhelming. UPVC is a popular material among homeowners for its cost efficiency and energy savings, contrasting with the long-standing preference for timber windows. Read a detailed comparison of UPVC vs timber windows.

UPVC vs Timber Windows

We find it impossibly difficult to give a definitive answer as it really is what you prefer and that can only be determined once you have a good understanding of the various upsides and downsides of them both.

So, let’s try and analyse UPVC and timber and hopefully once we’ve done that, you will have settled on a favourite.

uPVC Windows Properties

UPVC is generally a cheaper material than timber or aluminum and requires virtually no maintenance as it is fully weather-resistant. You only need a wet, soapy cloth to remove any dirt or marks that build up on the window frame with no requirement to ever repaint or retouch the colored finish.

It also has excellent insulating qualities, so you can expect UPVC windows to keep the internal temperature at a comfortable level in all weathers.

A UPVC frame is though thicker than say an aluminium frame, so less glass is included in a UPVC product than an aluminium equivalent. The lifespan of UPVC is often a little bit shorter than aluminium and timber, but investment into UPVC goes a long way when you consider the energy savings you will make.

Timber Windows Properties

The aesthetics of timber are one of its biggest selling points as the many different types of wood utilised when creating timber windows and doors gives them their own unique look.

Similar to UPVC, timber is also very thermally efficient and will save you a fortune on future household energy costs.

You will have to pay more to buy a timber window / door than a UPVC window / door and a traditional timber product requires sustained upkeep if you want to retain its visual appeal and performance. However, there are timber doors out there that don’t demand the usual treatment you would have to input into preserving an old timber door, so don’t let that be a deal-breaker.

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