Can Energy Efficient Windows Have That Much Of An Impact On My Home?

Buying a new set of energy efficient windows will be one of the most lavish investments that some people make in their entire lifetime so we can easily appreciate anyone who questions if they’re worth it.

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But, when you properly analyse everything they will bring to your home there’s absolutely no doubt that their impact will be massive and more than justify the cost.

Lower energy bills

According to energy market regulator Ofgem, the average dual fuel variable tariff as of April 2018 is £1,138 a year and the cost of household gas in particular is set to rise further over the coming years.

Replacing your old windows for the very latest double or triple glazed energy efficient windows can help keep your energy bills down as they will better insulate your living space and minimise heat loss.

Improved aesthetics

Ageing windows will make a home look much older than it may actually be possibly because of paintwork that has begun to come away or frames that have visible splits in them.

Fitting brand new replacement windows boasting a pristine finish will modernise the whole building and they won’t need any of the upkeep required to keep traditional windows in decent condition.

Enhanced security

New windows can save you a fortune and give you a better looking home, but none of this will matter if they fail to keep the property sufficiently secure.

Our full range of energy efficient windows offer superb security as they’re all internally glazed and contain secure technology throughout. The resilience shown by our UPVC and aluminium frames is also absolutely immense.

Reduce noise

We live in an increasingly noisy world, even more so if your home is located close to a busy road or rail network and it doesn’t help if your existing windows provide poor sound insulation.

With the right sort of glazing and cavity widths, it is possible that double or triple glazed windows will cut the volume of noise you hear while trying to enjoy some peace and quiet indoors.

The impact of new energy efficient windows in your home will be felt for years to come. The 10 Year Guarantee at Hazlemere tells you that! Arrange for a FREE quote to be delivered to you.




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