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3 Tips To Keep Your Home Energy Efficient For The Rest Of The Year

One thing you can never bank on in this country is the weather! From a roasting hot end to February to a so far very gusty, chilly March, it’s anybody’s guess what conditions will be like for the rest of 2019.  

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It’s always best to be prepared for the worst, especially when it comes to your home, as that way you won’t feel at all exposed to the outdoor climate when indoors and sat in front of the TV or heading up to bed at night. This means making the place as energy efficient as you can.

Creating an energy efficient home won’t just help you shut out the weather, but it will also help you save energy and money too.

It isn’t complex in the slightest and we’ve picked out three energy-saving tips to demonstrate that to you…

  1. Upgrade your windows and doors

You could be losing up to 25% of energy through your existing windows and doors. Just stand close to them to see if you can feel any cold air coming through, and if that’s the case, they need replacing for replacement windows and doors with a high energy rating.

Energy efficient double or triple glazed windows and doors will get rid of any draughts and better insulate your home as they’ll keep the heat produced by your boiler trapped inside. Massive money and energy savings will be made during their lifetime.

  1. Get your boiler serviced

When did you last get your boiler serviced or has it never been serviced?

A yearly boiler inspection is highly recommended as it’s far less costly than replacing your boiler and an engineer will be able to identify any problems with the boiler and fix them – trust us, you don’t want your boiler breaking down in the middle of a cold spell.

They will also ensure that it is running efficiently as possible in order to save you money and keep your home feeling comfortable whenever you need it switched on.

  1. Stop using the standby button

A lot of people don’t realise that appliances and devices continue to consume energy when you press their standby buttons – the Energy Saving Trust say that £80 a year is wasted in the average home due to appliances being left on standby.

While you may occasionally need to leave your television on when recording something overnight, there is no reason to leave stereos, game consoles, printers, desktop computers on standby. They should be switched off at the mains when not in use.


Book an appointment with Hazlemere to find out how else we can assure you of warmth and low energy costs not just this year, but way beyond that.




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