Enjoy A Beautifully Bright Summer In A Glass-To-Floor Conservatory

We live in hope that this summer will match, or even emulate, the gloriously hot summer we had last year. Even if it fails to live up to those expectations, at least we know we’re guaranteed long, light days.  

Glass-To-Floor Edwardian Conservatory

The extra hours of daylight can have a positive impact on our wellbeing, making us feel more productive, cheery and healthy. You will feel even more alive and ready to take on anything when you soak up all this natural light from the confines of a glass-to-floor conservatory.  

Standard conservatories are renowned for offering masses of glass, but you can have a far higher ratio of glass with a glass-to-floor design as glazing occupies practically the full length of the design from the base to the border of the ceiling.

It’s the omission of the traditional dwarf wall that makes this possible – dwarf walls are commonly used as the base for the border of a conservatory.

When we talk about glass-to-floor conservatories, we can imagine that some people will be fearful that the space will overheat in summer. That is not the case!

Glass technology is so sophisticated nowadays, and the glazing we incorporate into these sorts of conservatory designs is thermally efficient. While things may hot up outside, you won’t feel it on the inside thanks to the thermal properties of the glass. It will work in reverse in the winter; keeping you cosy in your conservatory, enabling you to be a little less reliant on your conventional heating system.

When sat inside the structure, you will almost feel as though you’re sitting outside due to the amount of light that fills the space. That open-air feeling will be extra prominent when you incorporate bi-folding doors, French doors or patio doors into the design, as when opened, they’ll bring in the summer weather.

If you do have any concerns about there being so much glass, not that you should, you can always ask for a polycarbonate or tiled roof, rather than a glass covering. The extension can also be constructed from UPVC, aluminium or a Heritage frame, and finished in pretty much any colour of your liking.


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