Hazlemere Flush Casement Windows – A Modern Twist On Timber

The flush casement window was first created in the 19th Century and is called a ‘flush casement’ because when the window (or sash) is closed, it sits flush within the frame, creating a flat surface on the outside.

Flush Casement Windows External Detail

It’s quite rare to see an original set of traditional timber flush casement windows in the region nowadays. The few that remain are usually only found in conservation areas within properties that date back centuries.

But, flush casement windows aren’t dying out. They’re actually making a comeback locally now that Hazlemere Flush Casement Windows have arrived on the scene.

This relatively new window range retains pretty much all of the characteristics of a classic flush casement window with one major difference – we use UPVC, rather than timber, to manufacture the design.

It’s nearly impossible to tell that Hazlemere Flush Casement Windows are made from UPVC as they look identical to wooden flush casements due to their timber-like appearance.

Crafting them from UPVC also ensures that they offer quality insulation and don’t require constant maintenance. One of the biggest issues with old timber flush casements is how easily they damage, but UPVC is weather-resistant and doesn’t need repainting or any other sort of restoration to keep it looking, and performing at its best. When the UPVC frame gets dirty, a little wipe with a wet cloth should be enough to make it clean again.

You could decide to install Hazlemere Flush Casement Windows in an effort to preserve the aged-effect of your old house, or to inject a vintage feel into a new-build home. Either way, your residence will be all the better for their presence, not least because they’ll also make it more secure.

The authenticity of the frame is also matched by the period-inspired hardware we affix to the design.


We are hosting Open Weekends this coming weekend at our Welwyn Garden City and High Wycombe showrooms. There couldn’t be a more fitting time to see Hazlemere Flush Casement Windows for the first time and see why they outclass traditional timber flush casement windows.




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