Time to Join the Conservatory Party?

If you’ve not already joined the Conservatory Party, it would be a good idea to study their manifesto before doing so, as with all the red tape nowadays it is important to know all the options, differences between conservatories and orangeries, and between double glazed glass roofs and conservatories with solid roofs, as the latter require full Building Regulations Approval and in many cases planning permission as well (which is often not needed for double glazed conservatories).

If and when building a new one or indeed replacing a conservatory with a modern thermally efficient double glazed one, or adding new glass extensions like conservatories and orangeries, the manifesto in such circumstances is clearly going to be more tailored to one or two individuals tastes, needs and requirements, plus probably the quality of living these individuals want for their family, friends and visitors. After all, what is being sought is comfortable, usable Living space.

Consequently it is vital to ensure that any new or replacement conservatory adds valuable high quality living space that is usable 24/7 to your home, here is a brief summary of the Conservatory Party’s manifesto to ensure you get what you expect, and don’t end up with an empty room with an unpleasant living environment:-

  • No conservatory to be too hot in summer and/or too cold in winter
  • All conservatories must be leak proof, plus as draught proof as possible
  • All conservatories need to be double glazed with high performing Low E Argon filled sealed units with warm edge spacer bars and soft coat heat retentive glass to prevent too much heat loss or too much solar gain
  • Any glass extension to be designed bespoke to your property, so that it looks part of the initial build and not an after-thought.
  • Important that bricks (or render) not only match, but so do the brick courses or render painted same colour as existing dwelling
  • Be sure of the quality of workmanship and product by visiting reference sites and the installers showroom before placing any order
  • The glass used in any conservatory must all be toughened safety glass and have a high specification, and when conservatories are south facing, the exterior glass to a have a heat reflective coating
  • The concrete floor to contain 65mm-100mm deep proven floor insulation such as Celotex or Jabolite
  • Wherever possible all conservatory roofs to be double glazed with thermally efficient glass and not have noisy and ugly looking polycarbonate
  • Any side or dwarf walls will conform to current building regulations for extensions and have thermally efficient cavity wall insulation
  • Every new conservatory should come with a fully comprehensive 10 year parts and labour warranty with no call out charges during the guarantee period that is worth the paper it is written on (so before joining the Conservatory Party it is important to make sure your installer is well established, trustworthy and has a proven reputation for build quality and fulfilling warranties)
  • All new conservatories must have sufficient ventilation i.e. have enough opening vents on the upright parts, and at least one double glazed roof vent (Larger conservatories will need more than one roof vent)
  • Conservatories must have enough independent heating so that they are warm and comfortable throughout all winters and on cold summer evenings
  • Ensure the ground workers, double glazing fitters, plumbers, bricklayers, plasterers are experienced and that the electrician is fully qualified and accredited
  • All new conservatories being built under permitted development (i.e. without planning permission or Building Regulation Approval) must have compliant exterior doors between the existing property and the new conservatory. Such structures must be under 30 square metres, and not project more than 4m on detached houses and no more than 3m on semi-detached houses. These glass extensions must have walls that are at least 50% double glazed and translucent roof of 70% or more. Please do make sure you find out about the planning rules and Building Regulations before ordering a new conservatory

If you do decide to join “the Conservatory Party” and benefit from the extra high quality living space a conservatory affords, make sure that your conservatory supplier and installer will fulfil every one of the above Conservatory Party manifesto pledges. Click here to find out more about Hazlemere’s bespoke Living Spaces


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