Why You Should Choose A Composite Door For Your Home

We don’t envy a householder trying to pick a new front door for their home, not least because of the depth of choice there is nowadays. Their chosen door also needs to be in keeping with the style of their property so that it doesn’t spoil aesthetics, and they have to be absolutely certain that it is secure enough to keep the place protected.

Black Composite Door with Aluminium Surround

With so much to think about, where do you even start? Well, we’d encourage you to look at replacement composite doors, a door solution that is a part of the Hazlemere range, and now available in more designs and colours than we’ve ever offered before.

The ultimate composite door

This isn’t a title we have bestowed upon our composite doors ourselves.

It’s people within the industry that regard them as the ultimate set of composite doors, perhaps because they feature a 50mm thick door sash, argon filled double glazed unit, soft coat thermally efficient glass and a carbon fibre reinforced innerframe.

Your initial thought when seeing one of our composite doors will be how similar their appearance is to a traditional timber door, but that’s just because of the realistic wood grain effect texture they have.

In stark contrast to a timber door, they’re also far lower maintenance as they’ll never rot, warp or crack or ever need painting.

Another thing that differentiates them from other composite doors is that they’re A-Rated as standard and the most advanced thermally efficient and secure composite doors you can buy.

Back doors, as well as front doors

It might be your back door, rather than your front door, that you need to exchange for something more stylish and secure.

We can fit any of our composite doors into your rear entrance too, and they’ll be just as dependable.


Why else should you buy a composite door? You’ll have to download a copy of our Composite Doors brochure to find out.




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