Get Set For Winter With Our Care And Maintenance Tips

Winter is just around the corner which means you may have already started to prep your home for the harsh winter weather.

Spending your evenings sat by the log fire under a cosy blanket may have you looking forward to the months ahead, but the cold weather can also be a hindrance. Especially when it starts to take its toll on your home. 

Emergency repairs often come at a premium price, which means taking the time to prepare your home now can help to save you money down the line.

There are plenty of simple, yet effective home maintenance repairs you can carry out now before the weather sets in. Ensure your home is winter ready with these vital care and maintenance tips.

Protect your gutters

A white winter is stunning to look at, but heavy snow and ice can put pressure on your guttering. The sheer weight of ice dams may even cause the gutter to become misaligned or pull away from your home, which can eventually lead to much bigger issues. Clearing any heavy snowfall from your roof as soon as possible will help to keep your gutters flowing and protect your guttering clips.

Remove any debris

It’s easy to forget about your drains and gutters, but if you don’t clear them out, your home could be at risk of water damage. Leaves, mud and other debris can block your drains and cause leaks which can be expensive to rectify. Easily avoid this fateful scenario by checking your roofline and removing any debris, particularly now the leaves are falling.

Oil your hinges

As we frequently use our windows and doors on a daily basis, it’s normal to experience minor issues from time to time. If you’ve noticed your windows and doors have become more difficult to operate, oiling your hinges and locks may just do the trick. Lubricating any moving parts will help to keep them working smoothly throughout the winter months.

Check roof tiles

Strong winds and heavy rain can have a huge impact on your roof. It’s a good idea to have your tiles checked out to prevent further damage from occurring. During an inspection, a roofer will look for any issues that could pose a risk. Any cracked, missing or loose tiles could make your property vulnerable to leaks or structural damage, so they should be replaced before the cold weather arrives.

Replace old windows

As outdoor temperatures have dropped, you may have noticed a draught in your home. A cool chill isn’t the only problem your old windows are responsible for as this could also mean your hard-earned money is disappearing through the cracks every time you turn your heating on. Replacing your windows will not only better insulate your home, but it will also reduce the cost of your energy bills.

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