How To Spring Clean Your Conservatory And Freshen It Up

Louis Armstrong famously sang the words “We have all the time, in the world” and most of us really do have that right now. 

With the clocks having also gone forward and lots of lighter days laying ahead, you’ve no excuse not to do the annual spring clean, which should include getting the inside of your conservatory looking spick and span. 

Our cupboards are always chock full of cleaning products and cleaning aids, so you probably won’t even have to head for the supermarket for some. 

Put your back into it, get those hands dirty and make it a full family affair if you want it done and dusted, so to speak, more quickly.

Take your dusters, mops, cloths and hoover to the extension and both you, and your conservatory, will be all the better for it afterwards. 

An approach along these lines will work well:


  • Starting with the interior, begin by getting lots of air into the space, opening out any windows and doors. 


  • Remove any throws, rugs and cushions so that you can hoover, mop and clean furniture and floors, and take them outside so that they can be beaten down to shift dust. Anything that’s washable, throw in the washing machine. They can be brought back in after you’ve finished your full roster of cleaning duties.


  • Use a quality glass cleaning agent and cloth to get rid of any marks or fingerprints on the glass within your windows and doors.


  • Polish all window cills, as well as any wood or glass furniture, once any blemishes have been scrubbed away.


  • Then move on to the exterior, cleaning all windows and doors on the outside, using a soft sponge and soapy water to wipe down the framework.


  • If you have the stomach for heights, grab a ladder and clean and clear out the guttering. An accumulation of leaves and debris in guttering can enhance the chances of serious water damage occurring and our spring and summer seasons aren’t often the driest. 


It will all make such a difference, leading to a lighter, brighter and much sweeter smelling conservatory. You can also count it as a form of exercise as you’re bound to burn some calories. 

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