How To Make The Most Of Being In And Stay Healthy

Love Your Home Stay Healthy

Lockdown will go on for now, but let’s not be down about it! Just think about how amazing it will be once it’s all over and you get reunited with the people you miss the most. 

What will make the time go quickly is staying busy and also staying healthy whilst at home. 

There will be a few tough days along the way, no doubt, but you can get through them by putting your well-being first, and you’re in the safest place possible to do that. 

Keep your mind and body in a good state with these three health-minded hints:

Have a routine but find time to relax too

Coping with the situation is very much about striking the right balance as we learn to adjust our lives. 

You need to have a bit of structure and a schedule to stop you falling into bad habits, but without it piling on too much pressure.

Throw down some challenges for yourself that when completed, will give you a feeling of accomplishment – anything from planting a fruit tree in the backyard to clearing out the garage.

To break up the days, put some time aside for an online chat with friends and keep the conversation light and funny – it’s all about being positive right now.

Tip One

Make the outdoors the new indoors

You’re only allowed to go out for exercise once a day, but you can use your garden for getting some fresh air and sunshine as much as you like – it’ll help you sleep well, come bedtime. 

Try and entice the kids out of the house too by creating an outdoor space specifically for them so that they’re not stuck indoors doing their homework or glued to their mobile device. 

Whatever time of the day the sun most spills out onto your outdoor setting, whether it’s at breakfast, lunch or dinner, don’t miss a second of it; you really need it.

Tip Two

Cook up some baked goods

While we don’t suggest you eat your own body weight in cake, baking can be good for your mental health and help you de-stress – reason enough to make some homemade treats. 

Bake a showstopper that would earn a ‘Hollywood’ handshake or great review from ‘Prue’ and if it looks especially appetising, post a picture on your Instagram account for the world to see and salivate over. 

Brits have gone bonkers for baking whilst in isolation, making flour hard to come by in some supermarkets. You can still rise to the challenge without it and have a ‘Berry’ good go at making a lemon drizzle or chocolate cornflake cakes.

Tip three

Something else that will get you through lockdown is organising a few home improvements that you can look forward to being completed after it ends. Our FREE Online Appointment Service is available to help make that happen.


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