How A Roof Lantern Will Benefit You And Your Home

The one good thing we’ve been blessed with during most of the lockdown is some great weather, and let’s hope it continues right the way through the summer.

Living in a home interior filled with natural light is just the tonic in a situation like this and can keep you on the straight and narrow, in terms of your mental and physical wellbeing. 

If you wish that you could get more of the sun into your indoor space, after lockdown, you need to commission the installation of one of our aluminium roof lanterns. 

Purposely made to give you MORE SKY – LESS ROOF™, they draw so much light into a room. What was formerly a rather dark spot will be transformed into the most inviting area of the house once you have one. 

There are so many other benefits to be had as a consequence of getting a roof lantern fitted:


  • Our health is always the most important thing and your health will be better off because of the extra Vitamin D you will get from all that sunshine indoors. It’s good for your bones and immune system, and you will feel like you have a lot more energy. 


  • Using that word ‘energy’ in a different context, you can look forward to cheaper energy bills as with more light coming in, you can relax the dependency you have on artificial lighting. The room in which your roof lantern is installed will also collect more warmth, so your heating system can be turned off more frequently too, saving you money.


  • Roof lanterns have such presence, internally and externally. Buyers are often blown away by them, which is why roof lanterns are often known to add value to properties. You will almost certainly be in a finer position to sell your home with one, that’s for sure. 


  • You may be thinking that the glass must be a nightmare to clean, but that’s the thing, it doesn’t need cleaning if you opt for a self-cleaning glass. That’s how you get around that problem.


  • When bought from Hazlemere, your roof lantern will last for many years and provide a heap of enjoyment over that time. Our forever unpredictable weather won’t impact on its condition or performance.


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