How A Conservatory Should Be Setup For The Summer

How will you be holidaying this summer? We know that lots of families will be taking a staycation and enjoying the best of what Britain has to offer, while others will be having a homecation and remaining in the family home. 

White Lean-To Conservatory Internal

There’s no reason why a homecation can’t be as fun for everyone in your house as heading abroad – it’s within your power to make it an enjoyable break. 

If you own a conservatory, it makes sense to have it play a central role in your home-based holidaying, particularly for those days when the good old British weather lets you down.

But in order to do that, it needs to be summer-ready and incorporate some of the following features: 

A solid tiled roof 

When it’s warm outside, does the inside of your conservatory feel far too hot, to the point where you end up in a sweat within a few minutes of being in it?

A new roof is needed – a solid tiled roof – and maybe also more energy efficient windows and doors. 

You can have a solid roof custom-made to replace your current glass or polycarbonate roof and once it’s in, you will never again suffer with any overheating issues as it will weatherproof the extension. 

This replacement conservatory roof is unbelievably light, so if your windows and doors are still fit for purpose and thermally efficient enough, they could be retained to save a massive overhaul.  

A French, patio or bi-folding door

If you have one, you’re going to be using your garden a lot during your homecation, whether it’s to sun yourself and catch a tan, sample some food al fresco or play out with the kids. 

It therefore makes sense to integrate a French, patio or bi-folding door into your home extension or rear wall so that you can seamlessly make the transition outdoors in style. 

As well as helping you marry together your indoor and outdoor spaces, creating an opening with your choice of door will also keep your home interior well-aired on those stuffy days. 

Conservatory plants

Is horticulture a hobby of yours? If it is, you will really know your plants and the type of plants that are best-suited to conservatories, should you wish to display some greenery around certain parts of the extension. 

In 2019, Gardeners’ World Magazine unveiled a list of what they considered to be the 10 best plants for conservatories

  1. Mandevilla
  2. Bougainvillea
  3. Hoya
  4. Plumbago
  5. Sarracenia
  6. Lapageria
  7. Strelitzia
  8. Hymenocallis
  9. Aristolochia
  10. Cacti and succulents

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