How To Keep Your Home Secure For The Winter And Beyond

It’s been a year like no other, and it’s almost over. You can tell that by how dark it’s now getting outside earlier in the day, with October often being a point when the number of home burglaries start to rise. 

Imagine how distraught you would be if your house was burgled – it doesn’t bear thinking about!

To fight off thieves, you must take home security seriously. This is a message that’s being strongly emphasised to householders at the moment during what is officially National Home Security Month

Here’s how to keep any uninvited visitors out of your home:

Install a working burglar alarm

Currently, a house is burgled in the UK every 106 seconds, at a cost of £3,000. You can put much of that down to the fact that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm. 

It’s extraordinary really as a quality burglar alarm doesn’t even cost that much. For as little as £200, you can buy a bells-only alarm, silent alarm, wireless alarm or dialler alarm that sends a trigger the moment it senses an attack on your home. 

At that price, you would be a dummy to have a dummy alarm or nothing at all.

Avoid leaving a spare key out

Thieves know every trick in the book. One of the first things they will do when trying to gain entry to your house is to look for a spare key under any outdoor mat or plant pot. 

We can tell you now that your home insurer will take a very dim view if they discover that your house was burgled because you left a key out and a thief swiped it. 

It costs hardly anything to get a few spare keys cut for any people who you trust and are happy to have access to your home.

Get secure windows and doors fitted

A thief will head straight for your windows and doors to see if they can prise them open, with any flaws almost certain to be exploited. 

Do a security check on your windows and doors, locking them, before giving them a fairly firm push to see if they move at all. If they do, it’s time they were replaced. 

A modern set of double or triple glazed windows and doors will offer far greater security as they’re internally glazed, preventing the removal of the glass from outside, and they incorporate a multi-point locking mechanism.

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