How To Make Homeworking Work For You

How to make homeworking work for you

Homeworking has become the norm for millions of office workers over the last year, and many of these workers will now permanently work away from their old office, or at least be given the option of more flexible working arrangements. 

How do you feel about homeworking? Have you recently been told that you can permanently WFH? 

It definitely takes good self-discipline to be a successful homeworker – you need to be getting out of bed on time, not working in your pyjamas, sticking to your normal shift patterns and breaks, keep away from distractions etc. 

You also need a working environment that’s going to help you be as productive at home as you would be in the office. 

This is how to get it:

French / Patio / Bi-Folding Doors

Summer is coming and you don’t want to be working in a dark location when it’s bright and sunny outside.

Work somewhere indoors that gets nicely filled with natural light as it will boost your mood, make you feel energised and help you feel that little bit connected to the outdoors. 

Integrating French, patio or bi-folding doors close to where you work will both illuminate your workspace, and you can open them up to pull in some fresh air.

Bi-folding doors within an extension

Roof Lantern / Skylight

If you don’t have a connecting wall that you can assimilate French, patio or bi-folding doors into, look upwards for a possible alternative solution. 

Adding a roof lantern or skylight can similarly invite the sun into your home but to an even greater extent than a bi-folding door, for instance, which can span a considerable distance.

The volume of glass in a roof lantern or skylight far exceeds how much framework they each have, so either will create a beautifully bright working atmosphere.

Roof lantern

Home Office Extension

Online searches for ‘home offices’ have gone crazy ever since the beginning of the pandemic, and it would make sense for you to have a home office extension built if you will be homeworking from now on. 

Having a designated workspace, which could also handily include the products mentioned in previous paragraphs, will give you the feel of going to work every day, without the commute.

It will also help you keep a clear separation between your work life and home life, as you don’t want to confuse or mix the two together.

A lady on the telephone in a home office

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