3 Ways Of Reducing The Threat Of Condensation Occurring

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Threat Of Condensation

Condensation becomes an annoying problem for some householders at this time of the year – no-one wants their windows to look ugly in the mornings.

It’s not so damaging if you only get a small amount of condensation on an infrequent basis, but when you get a lot of it each and every day, something needs to be done.

You can start getting mildew and mould growing on your windows, and when exposed to this, it could cause respiratory issues and skin irritations.

Protect your health and protect your windows by taking these easy steps to minimise condensation:

Improve your ventilation

Certain rooms in your house can get very humid at times, such as your kitchen when you’re cooking or bathroom whenever you have a hot shower or bath.

This humidity won’t help and needs to be let out, and the easiest way to do that is to open some windows prior to making hot meals or going for a soak.

You should also put any extractor fan on to extract the warm air and keep the humidity level down.

3 Ways Of Reducing The Threat Of Condensation Occurring
Clothes on a washing line

Dry clothes outdoors

Let’s hope the weather is kind to us this winter. Who knows. We might get the odd day when it’s warm enough outside to put your washing outside.

Make the most of this, each time that you can, as drying clothes on your radiators or in your tumble dryer builds up the amount of indoor humidity and moisture.

Remind yourself too that you will save money by using the weather to dry your garments.

Keep your heating low

You see condensation on a window when warm air meets the cold glass.

It shouldn’t be as evident if you retain a low heating temperature in the house, instead of turning your heating up and down all the time.

The lowest comfortable temperature for winter is around 18 degrees, so try and stick to that if you can.

A thermostat

If you’re having no luck in seeing off condensation after following these tips, we suggest that you get new energy efficient double or triple glazed windows fitted.

Further guidance on condensation can be found in a FREE guide we have produced, available for download on our Helpful Guides page.


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