How To Give Your Home A Cottage-Like Feel And Appearance

Give Your Home A Cottage Look and Feel

There’s nothing like having a gorgeously cosy home at this time of year, as temperatures begin to tumble – the cosier your living space, the easier it makes those short, dark days and nights.

Cottages are notoriously cosy places. If you don’t live in a cottage, but aspire to, and instead reside in a period country abode or ultra-modern property, it’s surprisingly easy to give them a cottage-like look and feel with a few straightforward touches.

The feel: establish a snug and inviting atmosphere

A cottage-type atmosphere is only achievable if you have sufficient warmth inside your entire home.

Get the fire lit for a spell each day, put out various blankets and throws that you can snuggle under, and make sure that you have energy efficient windows and doors fitted to keep the cold at bay.

You shouldn’t need to rely on your fire too much for warmth if you have windows and doors that offer quality heat retention and prevent draughts.

Minimising fire usage, thanks to the thermal qualities of your windows and doors, will also come with an added bonus – cheaper energy bills.

Internal shot of a grey window
How To Give Your Home A Cottage Feel

The appearance: initiate a cottage aesthetic

After you’ve taken care of getting your home feeling lovely and warm, it’s time to turn your attention to its decor.

Take inspiration from the highly popular cottagecore fashion aesthetic, one that’s enraptured home renovators over the last year or so.

Celebrating an idealised rural life, it centres on things like floral patterns, which you can always introduce into your living quarters through soft furnishings, such as curtains and wallpaper or even on drawer knobs.

Having pastel-coloured windows and doors fitted would also be consistent with the movement and create that cottagey-type effect that so many lust after. As a finishing touch, display fresh flowers in jugs on the windowsills.

While your decor might be fashionably retro, there’s no reason why your windows and doors should look stuck in the past. At Hazlemere, we have windows and doors that are reminiscent of previous eras, but are perfectly on trend and deliver modern performance benefits.

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