Creating The Perfect Summer Setup In A Conservatory Or Orangery

Creating The Perfect Summer Setup In A Conservatory Or Orangery

Summer isn’t over quite yet and it’d be nice to think that September, and maybe even some of October, will offer us some more pleasant weather.

With the kids going back to school, it’s your chance to have some ‘me’ time after caring for them, and some of that could take place in your conservatory or orangery as it should have a relaxing and chilled ambience.

But it will only offer that if it is correctly set up for the season.

If you don’t know what arrangement that entails, Hazlemere can clarify.

Classic Tiled Roof Conservatory

Solid tiled roof

It’s near torture being inside most conservatories or orangeries with dated frames, basic glass and an old-style roof during hot spells because they just get far too hot.

Do you feel the burn in yours when a heatwave hits?

Explore the idea of having a solid tiled roof fitted to the design, in place of your existing roof, and upgrade your current windows and doors at the same time to make it an energy efficient space.

Bi-folding door

The view of your garden from the interior of your conservatory or orangery on a lovely sunny day may entice you to go outside.

It definitely will if you have a bi-folding door built into the structure, which you can then swiftly fold open when the urge to swap the space for the garden becomes too hard to resist.

The super-slim sightlines offered by a bi-folding door will also strengthen the external view, as there’s very little profile and lots and lots of glass.


Adding a touch of greenery to any available tables, windowsills, and floor space will establish a summery feel in a conservatory or orangery.

What you need are tough, sun-loving plants that will flourish this season within the unique indoor climate of the setting. A few of the best examples would include Aloe Vera, Yuccas, Cacti and Bougainville.

They shouldn’t need too much watering to thrive and stay alive.

While it might be a bit too late for us to provide you with a summer-ready conservatory or orangery for this year, we can certainly do it well in time for next summer and other summers to come. Book an appointment and we can discuss it.


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