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Energy prices have risen across the board over the past couple of months with the vast majority of suppliers passing on an average increase of 6 per cent on household fuel bills. This has motivated many people to look into switching supplier in the search for a more affordable tariff, but several of the most competitive tariffs on the market have been withdrawn due to excessive demand.
But you should never give up hope for cheaper energy, especially when you can generate your own solar power and earn money on top whilst you do it with the aid of solar panels in Amersham, solar panels in Chesham and solar panels in Uxbridge.
Some people will be dubious as to the effectiveness of solar panels at this time of year as the nights draw in early and we experience regular spells of overcast weather. But believe it or not, solar panels can function successfully even on those grim and murky days, supplying you with much of the energy you need. Once summer comes around you really can be quids in.
Despite several cuts to the Feed-in-Tariff over the past couple of years, with the right solar PV system you can still achieve 8 to 12 per cent return on your investment over a 20-year period. With some experts predicting that the average energy bill could hit £2,000 per year by the end of the decade, the savings made could be even higher than you first expected.
Energy produced via a set of solar panels is far cleaner and greener than that as produced by conventional sources of fuel e.g. coal, oil and natural gas. There is only a finite amount of fossil fuels, whereas natural sunlight will forever be in existence.
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